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sms marketing

Connect With Your Customers Through Their Phone

sms marketing

Connect With Your Customers Through Their Phone

People are always on their phones, so it makes perfect sense that SMS or text messaging marketing is an excellent way to communicate with your customers. It’s a cost-effective and immediate way to send useful information to anyone with a mobile device. The maximum number of people on the receiving end ensures that your message spreads fast and wide — creating an instant buzz around your brand.     

SMS Marketing Made Modern

Imagine a new way to reach your customers with uncomplicated and personalised messages.

With the widespread adoption of smartphones, SMS or text messaging is your customer’s preferred communication method. It forms a crucial part of the customer experience and drives a better engagement rate compared to other forms of advertising. It’s fast, cheap, and convenient — all qualities that make it an ideal tool for marketers looking to get their message in front of their target audience. Whether you want to contact 1 or 1000+ customers, Shopa Marketing can build lifetime relationships within minutes.  

We’re Keeping it Simple

Send straightforward messages to transform every interaction into an opportunity.

Not all customer communications need to be long and complicated. Sometimes, a short and sweet message is all it takes to get your point across. That’s why smart brands use SMS or text messaging marketing to reach new audiences and give users a quick, interactive experience. Shopa Marketing harnesses this simplicity and reach to stay connected with your audience and provide them with valuable information and services. 

5 Reasons to Supercharge Your SMS Marketing

What Shopa Marketing Can Do for You

High open rates

Bulk SMS is the perfect way to send your audience messages that go right to their pocket and compel them to respond. 98% of all text messages are received and opened by customers, making SMS services an advantage to enterprises seeking quick and effective customer service.

Better conversion

When it comes to your business, trust SMS. SMS is still seeing a better conversion rate than any other marketing service out there. With Shopa Marketing, you can reach out to your customers through this reliable form of communication and encourage them to take action on promotional offers or deals you want to share.

Greater audience reach

Smartphones have changed the way we do business and our lives. With this increase in technology, it’s no surprise that SMS text messaging is also playing a role in sales. One of the top advantages of SMS in business is that receiving a text message does not even require internet connectivity; just a working phone is enough.

Cost-effective plans

Bulk SMS is a highly affordable and effective marketing tool that allows you to reach out to thousands of customers in a few easy steps. For the cost of a few television ads and billboards, you can promote your business to thousands of customers at once.

Instant delivery

Shopa Marketing is here to help with the best and speediest text message marketing campaign. We work with some of the world leaders in telecommunication and technology to ensure we have a provider that has strong network operator connections across the world.

Easy opt in/opt out

The business advantage of SMS is that messages have an easy way out if customers do not want to hear from the business. Short code and long-code numbers provide customers the option to choose whether they want to opt in or opt out of messages.

Campaign success visibility

Once bulk SMS campaigns are triggered, the next thing businesses need is insights into the performance. Shopa Marketing can use these details to re-evaluate, plan smarter text marketing strategies and reach the right audience to generate real results.

5 Types of SMS Marketing Messages

Promotional Deals, Discounts & Coupons

Text-to-Win Competitions

Flash Sales

Loyalty Programs

Alerts & Notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Your business shouldn’t shy away from leveraging SMS marketing as it is one of the most cost-effective means of marketing. Moreover, instant messaging facilities through modern apps like WhatsApp make texting the most convenient way to reach the right target audience. Why miss out on reaping higher ROI? Take our SMS marketing services to give your business more exposure and better customer engagement opportunities. 

On average, SMS has a 98% open rate, so most businesses send them in bulk. Our team understands the competition in this scenario and aims to run the best SMS marketing campaigns based on industry best practices and trends. From deciding the frequency of texts to giving messages a personalized touch, we focus on bringing value to every campaign effort.

Why continue an SMS marketing campaign if it is not performing well? Why write elaborate messages if nobody opens them? Here, SMS marketing analytics is crucial. We ensure the use of top-notch tools and platforms that give away insightful data to set up unfailing campaigns. 

Give Us The Keys; We’ll Drive

Combine our services for a seamless, all-in solution.

Maximise your business growth, increase your return on investment and achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your marketing is working for you instead of against you.

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