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Got a Blog You Want to Get off the Ground? We Can Help.

Content Marketing / Copywriting

Got a Blog You Want to Get off the Ground? We Can Help.

Great content is essential to survive in the digital world, and blogs are the backbone of any successful business. We create SEO-friendly blogs that reflect your brand, communicate the value of your product and drive customers to you 

Say Hello to the Power of Blogging

Supercharge your marketing with effective, consistent and relevant content.

Blogs are a great way to create content for your website, as well as provide valuable information for your customers and prospects. Blogs also can be an effective SEO tool, help improve consumer engagement, and serve as an instrument in social media marketing efforts. Shopa Marketing can develop a comprehensive blog content strategy to drive organic traffic. 

Do you want to:

Rank higher in search engines?

Extend your brand reach throughout the web?

Make a name for yourself as an expert in your industry?

A Quick Blog Explainer

The best way to get your point across on the internet.

Blogs. It’s a word that’s been thrown around since the inception of the internet, but what exactly is blogging? Not only is the word fun to say, but blogs are also an incredibly useful tool for consumers and businesses alike. Blogging is a form of content marketing, usually presented as a regularly updated webpage or online journal that allows people to share knowledge on any topic. It’s essential for big brands, small businesses and anyone who wants their voice to be heard.  

Is Having a Blog Necessary?

Even if you’re convinced you don’t need a blog, you really do.

Do you need a blog? The short answer is: yes. As the marketing world becomes increasingly saturated, most businesses feel they have no choice but to have a blog. But that’s just step one step two is finding a way to use it properly and make it work for your brand. That’s where we can help. Our team of experts will craft quality blogs and guide your online presence to attract the right kind of traffic — as well as how to use it as part of your overall marketing strategy. 

Blogs as a Marketing Tool

Share a message with your target audience in a way that is easy to digest through text and images.

The internet is like a giant party, and blogs are the people who tell all the best stories. Over the years, using blogs as a marketing tool has slowly proven to be a successful strategy for building trust and increasing brand awareness. Many brands have used blogs to communicate with the public, keeping their fans and customers updated on their newest products, services, and trends. Through blogging, you can demonstrate that you care about your customers by providing honest and helpful information about your business. 

Why It’s Worth Investing in Content Marketing

Building a blog is a fast and effective way to grow your business. Not only does it help attract more visitors, but it also increases the chances of them purchasing from you.  

  • Companies with blogs receive around 126% more conversions than businesses without them 
  • Businesses that upload content regularly experience 7.8X more growth  
  • The likelihood of someone purchasing from you increases by 66% after they’ve read a blog on the topic 

The Right Content for Your Business

Get your point across with blogs that tick all the right boxes.

Shopa Marketing is here to develop a comprehensive content strategy for your brand. From maintaining an authentic tone of voice to developing engaging content, we are your partner in producing research-backed blogs that meet your audience’s needs and keep them coming back for more. 

Expert Copywriters

At Shopa Marketing, our content writing team has years of experience writing for a wide variety of businesses, so they understand how to adapt to your unique brand tone and personality.

Engaging Content

When it comes to content, you deserve the best. Once we’ve got all the details on your subject of choice, we work hard to craft fresh, interesting blogs that accurately represent your brand.

Smart Design

Readability is key, and a sound design can seriously help the level of success of a blog by how it emphasises the content. Our experienced graphic designers produce logical design solutions and images to create an attractive, readable blog experience.

Social Media Marketing

Your blog is your voice, and social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be powerful tools to broadcast that voice to the world. Integrating social media marketing with your blog can up your game when it comes to marketing your brand.

SEO Ready

Our content writing team can create SEO-friendly blog posts for any sized business. We will optimise your blog for search engines and produce engaging content based on extensive keyword research.

Consumer Engagement

At Shopa Marketing, we're experts at creating and implementing consumer engagement strategies that drive revenue. We don't just craft blog content, we write in a voice that is authentic to your brand and values — while infusing it with content people are searching for.

Detailed Research & References

The best way to attract an audience is with content that speaks directly to them. We’ll take the time to thoroughly research your business, industry and target audience so we can create content that’s relevant, engaging and relatable for them.

No Hidden Costs

Get affordable marketing blogs at a fixed price, not by the hour. Save time and money by knowing exactly what you're paying upfront with no hidden fees or surprises on the bill (plus, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee).

Fast Turnaround

Our blogs can be completed in days, not weeks — and we take care of all the writing, promotion, publishing and analysis for you. In no time at all, you'll have a top-tier blog and online presence while we help you stay focused on marketing, sales and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it is short or long form, content and copywriting are essential to any digital marketing strategy. In addition to creating original and relevant content on a consistent basis, companies need to be able to adapt when a new trend is introduced. From blog posts to Google Ads, professional content and copywriting services can help you with these strategies by taking care of the research and providing unique written pieces that reflect your business and its goals.

A good piece of digital marketing content is written with a purpose. Unlike a free form of writing, it involves multiple stages to reap the ultimate benefits. From planning to publishing, every piece of written content targets a specific audience and their attention to meet marketing goals. An expert digital content creator not only writes original content but also understands its marketing relevance. If you are not relying on an all-encompassing service, you will miss out on leveraging quality content strategies.

Many popular online research reports suggest that the attention span of a digital reader is approximately 1 minute. Considering this fact, it’s important to create content that hooks the attention of your online business prospects in a short span. Who else can do it other than our content and copywriters, who are adept at content tools and strategies?

Our team creates original, SEO optimised, high-quality, and plagiarism-free content for all online media and platforms. We supplement your online marketing strategies with words that hook the attention of your prospects, build brand loyalty, help convert, and boost business. Generating content with a definite purpose takes effort, and that’s what we promise: an uncompromising content effort for the benefit of your business

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